City of Stars, Are you shining just for me ?

If you are in your 20’s, you probably can resonate well with the lyrics of the song “City of Stars” from the movie La La Land which goes,

     City of Stars, are you shining just for me ?

     City of Stars, there’s so much that I can’t see

This is the age when one has probably already acquired education and basic living skills and is now set for something greater. And well, being a roller coaster ride that every transition phase in life is, it will have its ups and downs and this time, it will be the craziest one you’ve ever been on. Suddenly, all the responsibilities come crashing down while you are still trying to figure out whether you like your cereal hot or cold.

giphy-downsized (12)

While it can be bewildering, this is also the time when you should define your values and really try to understand what matters the most to you. I would like to share some of the values that are important to me and the lessons that I have learnt during the first quarter of my 20’s :-

Don’t lie to yourself

Own your reality. If you are consistently performing poorly, it is because either you have no interest in the subject or you didn’t put in the effort required. You sit down to study and instead keep checking your phone every now and then. 2 Hours later, you are still nowhere.

BE BOLD in accepting the fact that you did not put in the effort required, the fact that it is indeed, a matter of priorities. You need to expose the problem first, before trying to look for a solution. 

giphy-downsized (13)

Respect your journey

Look at how far you have come already ! You did not reach here by chance.And if you still cannot trust yourself, trust the universe for choosing YOU to embark on this unique journey. If you can come this far, you can definitely go further too !  Cheer for yourself if you have to, but never disrespect your journey by doubting your abilities.

giphy-downsized (14)

Don’t let that job title define you

While it is easy to define your skills in terms of a job-title or in terms of your GPA or the university you graduated from, such a definition is restrictive and can cause more harm than good. YOU decide your level of skills. And for this first thing you will have to do is, stop lying to yourself. As landing a less challenging job in a smaller company doesn’t point to a lack of abilities, similarly landing a job in a bigger company doesn’t necessarily point to extra-ordinary abilities. Keep learning wherever you are, whatever your job-title is !

Be ready to fail- Even after you worked hard for it

Because hard-work NEVER goes waste. It might not show up right now, but at some point in life it most definitely will. You never know how and when the fruits of your hard work might fall into your life in the form of a “miracle”. So if you fail even after you worked hard, believe that your hard-work just got counted towards your miracle and just be patient.

giphy-downsized (16)

Don’t compare yourself to anybody else

Your journey is yours alone. I once saw a short video that pointed out this fact,

New York is 3 hrs ahead of California but it does not mean that California is slow, or that New York is fast. Both are working based on their own “Time Zone.”

Everyone works based on their ‘Time Zone’ and you can have things worked out only according to their pace. The CHOICE that you have is either to complain through the ride or to just enjoy every turn of it.

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Keep your passion alive

When life takes a toll on you, your passion will always reach out for you. Take out some time at least every other day for an activity that you really love doing. This keeps you from burning out and keeps the motivation up. It is really like a power bank that gears you up for the day.

giphy (2)

Do not isolate yourself

“Human is a social animal”. Contrary to the belief that some of us do not need company (Introverts), I feel isolating oneself can be really harmful in that a person who already feels demotivated now feels demotivated AND lonely.  Develop and maintain your relations because at some point everybody needs help and everybody should learn how to reach out for it.

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I, personally, am finding my 20’s really interesting as there’s so much to learn and experiment ! Looking forward to what the next quarter has in store for me.


-Harshpreet Kaur


4 thoughts on “City of Stars, Are you shining just for me ?

  1. This post is so positive and amazing….
    I feel so good when a person believes strongly in universe and the magic it beholds….
    You write really really well…
    Keep writing…. The world needs writers like you…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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