Things to remember when travelling in the USA

The United states of America has some of the best travel destinations in the world ranging from volcano islands, beaches, mountain peeks and national parks to skyscrapers and “Time square”. A little effort put into planning your trip can reduce a great deal of hassle later on. Although most of the things about travel are learnt with personal experience, I feel most people will find the following points helpful :-

Plan your mode of transport

While many major cities in the USA have a well-built public transport system, many others have next to nothing. So while on one hand  renting a vehicle is an absolute must in cities like Austin (Texas),  on the other hand you might end up spending most of your time looking for a parking spot in a city like NYC. In these cities, going for public transport can save you both time and money and you might as well get a chance to talk to the locals and know about the city’s secrets.

For more information: Best and Worst cities for public transit in US

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Pack your shoes, FIRST

If you are planning to visit a place like Miami, you would probably go for beach footwear. However, if planning to visit a NYC-like city, be prepared to walk a lot and even run to catch that train. You don’t want to be unable to  walk properly when your heart really wants to fly !

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Travel as light as you possibly can !

Most of the domestic flights in America do not offer checked-in baggage service by default and it is an extra-charge. Instead of carrying large packing,  go for travel packs which are easily available around every corner and can be bought after reaching the destination. Also, who wants to waste time managing all the luggage  -_-

And if you still need to carry more : Airlines offering free checked-in Bags

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In-flight source of entertainment

In addition to a free checked-in bag, most domestic flights also do not offer in-flight entertainment. So grab that book or those headphones to help you out of boredom because reading the safety manual over and over again or just blankly staring at the seat back ahead of you is not fun, trust me.

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Be ready for long queues

Whether it is at an amusement park, an observatory,  or at a restaurant on a busy street, be mentally and physically prepared to wait. Use the toilets and most importantly,  eat before getting into a queue. Keep a bottle of water handy and keep the conversations going !

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Keep an eye on the weather reports

Weather in USA can change abruptly. In most cases, you would need to keep an umbrella and a light jacket (when travelling to relatively “hotter” areas) handy. Also use a higher SPF sunscreen (at least SPF 30). Some plans like outdoor camping, visiting the beach, etc definitely require a weather check ahead of time.

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Bookings and Tickets

In most places like amusement parks, aquariums, museums etc , it is cheaper to buy the ticket online. Also, sites like , and offer deals and promos for tickets to flights, hotels, famous attractions, restaurants, spas and events etc.

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Travelling in USA is an amazing experience mainly because of the ease of travel and the beautiful mix of destinations it has to offer. As one of my favorite quotes says,

“The Best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been to and the memories we have made along the way”


-Harshpreet Kaur


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  1. In my experience to us and canada travel, weather can change drastically in a day so always wear clothes in layers so if you feel hot , can take off one layer and if it rains or get cold wear another layer, sweaters are not at all practical and wind cheaters are must

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