Psychology says……Do this to walk through the crowd like a boss !

Walking through a crowded street, or a crowded party where the music is loud and you cannot easily make verbal requests for people to move aside can be a difficult task. However there is one little trick that psychology explains can help you through !

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According to psychology, if you keeping looking towards the direction in which you want to go while passing through a crowd, people will automatically move aside creating a path for you.

Do not look where other people are headed.

Just focus on your destination.

This fact does resonate a lot with me. More often than not, I tend to focus on where people walking opposite to me are headed and on giving way as needed. And when someone is in fact looking in his direction of motion, I tend to give way more quickly and by reflex. 

Relating this concept to life in general, I extracted two meanings out of it:-

  • When you think about it, this is also true for life goals. You need to be confident    about your destination and just head into it with full force and enthusiasm.

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When you have your eyes only on your goal, the “oncoming traffic ”  does not bother you and in fact, yields !

  • Living in a community if everybody started looking only in their direction not understanding where the other person is coming from, it could get really messy. So we do need to yield at times and let another person reach his goals hence, helping , supporting each other and rising together ! 

-Harshpreet Kaur


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