Birthday Vibes !!

As I am looking forward to graduate in a week, my 24th happens to coincide with the finals week. This is the time of the semester when EVERYTHING is going wrong. The projects aren’t working and  the assignments have piled up.

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I had a feeling that the day would just fly by fulfilling my  ‘academic responsibilities’,  in the midst of design and coding errors.

Instead, this year I realized the real importance of celebrating birthdays.

I started receiving birthday wishes. Family and friends called to wish, others sent message wishes. A few of them were friends from way back, whom I haven’t met in years. I had a brief conversation with everyone, asked them what they have been up to.  And then It just struck me that if you have strong ties with the people you love, it doesn’t matter what you are struggling with at the present moment, it doesn’t matter where or how far you have come. No achievement, no material possessions, no amount of knowledge and worldly wisdom can ever compare to the peaceful warmth of strong relationships. In the middle of being very busy due to university, I realized that

The quality of life is measured by the quality of our relationships

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BIRTHDAYS offer a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with everyone you know all in one day ! 

And I want to Thank each and everyone who wished me today because that is the best ever birthday gift that I can ask for !

If friendship is your weakest point, then you are the strongest person in the world !





3 thoughts on “Birthday Vibes !!

  1. Happy Birthday harsh, hope you managed to buy yourself some time on your birthday.
    May god bless you with everything you desire for XXX


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